Super Extreme Expedition

Super extreme expedition “Cold Hunters”

Period activity: December, 20 – February, 15  (coldest period of the year)
Group size: from 1 till 4 persons
Duration of tour: 10 day/9nights

Winter Yakutia – a perfect land for the reindeer sledding trips, the unique culture of indigenous people of Even with the mixture of beautiful nature landscapes will leave an unforgettable memory for lifetime.  The following trip will put you through the exotic life of real Siberian nomad.

We offer you Expedition to the Pole of Cold, Oymyakon, one of 50 most exotic trips of the world (ranked by journal “GEO”, done in December 2007), the country of hospitable people, magnificent mountains, the unique Kolyma road and the coldest place where human live.  Only a few people on the Earth each year  test  yourself and their spirit in this unique expedition. Want to be the next “Cold Hunter” ?

1 DAY Arrival in Yakutsk and transfer to hotel Polar Star****. Breakfast. Program in Yakutsk: city tour with the LSG ( tower of TYGYN(wooden first stockade construction built by cossak Pyotr Beketov, the founder of Yakutsk), the OLD TOWN area, old churches, visit to the Institute of Permafrost and Mammoth Museum.

Permafrost Institute Permafrost Institute is a part of Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Science and was founded in 1961 It is a unique scientific institution researching how permafrost exerts influence over nature and life processes. During excursion in the Institute underground laboratory you will be an eye-witness of that natural phenomenon. Excursion guide is a candidate of geographic sciences Mark Shatz.

Mammoth museum. The museum was founded in 1991 as a scientific and cultural center. It is designed to study mammoth fauna and its habitat of the Ice Age. It is the only specialized museum of unique paleontological exhibits in the world. Fossils of mammoth and mammoth fauna are valuable prehistoric relicts and considered as national treasure.

After transfer for the hotel.   Lunch and dinner

2 DAY Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Yuchugey with the night through drive across the famous Verkhoyansky ridges by Russian 4WD minivan. At Khandyga lunch at the cafes along the road, dinner at the meteosite Vostochnaya, accommodation at the family in Yuchugey. Automotive route goes along the Central part of Yakutia further to the north with the crossing over the frozen rivers of Lena and it’s right arm Aldan. The Verkhoyansk ridges, a unique road built by GULAG prisoners during the Stalinist era, carved bridges, barracks, and other remaining constructions of concentration camps. Magnificent landscapes, great mountains, fast rivers, and vast reindeer pastures, are all there for tourists to see during the journey. If you are really lucky, there is always a chance to see Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) flowing over the mountains in a perfectly clear night sky full of stars. The road will take 15-17 hours, the length 890 km.

Arrival in the evening to Yuchugey. Accommodation in the family.

3 DAY Yuchugey, settlement of compact living of reindeer breeders Even, the population is just above 300 people. Accommodation in families, 2 people per room. Excursion around the village. Get acquainted with their life, traditions and culture.

A tourist will be given lessons how to gather reindeers, prepare them for the trip and learn how to sled and ride on the reindeer back. Dinner with the families. Preparing and packing for the main trip.

The sled is driven by a pair of reindeers, each tourist is given a personal sled, all the equipment and luggage goes in the sled and accompanied by snowmobile, the trip involves 8-10 sledges, 20-30 reindeers.

The sledges are tied up as one big caravan, during a day travel a tourist himself can drive a caravan or sled.

Lunch and dinner with the family.

4 DAY Travel on reindeer sleds to the campsite Yurdyk Sis. The distance 31 km, time on the route 5 hours. Lunch on the route. Arrival to the campsite, setting up a camp. You will take part in the process of putting up a tent in a snow, learn how to spend night in the open space without any fear of being caught by frost, how to prepare food. How to keep your reindeers safe from predators. The experienced guides will teach and show you all what they have gained from their ancestors. Dinner and night at the camp site.  The point Yurdyk Sis, a passage in the mountains, the highest point between Yuchugey and Tomtor. Translation in English means “High Passage”. Accommodation in traditional tents with stove. The floor of a tent is made of larch branches, which give a wonderful smell of spring nature ones the stove is heated. Over the tree branches the floor is laid by reindeer skins.

5 DAY Continue the way on reindeer sledges up to a place called Ulardyr. The distance 26 km, time on the route 4-5 hours. Lunch on the route. From Ulardyr the group is taken by minivan and transferred to Tomtor. Distance 7 km, time spent 25 minutes.  Ulardyr – a point near Tomtor, an old campsite place of Siberian explorers and nomads on reindeer sleds. The best place for reindeer pastures. The camp site is situated in 1 km distance from the federal road, the famous Kolyma Track.  Arrive to Tomtor by car in the early evening. Accomodation in the private house. Dinner and night at the house.

6 DAY In the morning after breakfast excursion around Tomtor. Tomtor during the Second World War II was one of the transit airports in Russia through which planes from America were brought to the war scenes. In some days Tomtor was a home for up to 100  battle planes, who waited here for better weather.

Tomtor is the settlement with population around 1000 people. And is also known as the Cold starting point. From here Santa Clause and Russian Ded Moroz start  their winter trips, to bring winter to people. Visit the museum of GULAG. Lunch at the house. After lunch visit ti the local school to see the traditional dancing and singing of the northern eveni culture. Towards evening transfer by minivan to Oymyakon. Arrival to Oymyakon, accomodation at the guest house, dinner and night in Oymyakon.

7 DAY After breakfast excursion around Oymyakon. Oymyakon – the town where the most negative temperature of -72.1C was established. Under ice fishing at the river Indigirka, where a tourist can try to catch a fish, set up a net, and see the fish which is under the ice using special technique of local fishermen. After lunch meeting with the Mayor of Oymyakon, the traditional Yakut ceremony of greeting, “The certificates of visiting Pole of Cold, Oymyakon” Award.  Dinner and night at the guest house in Oymyakon.

8 DAY In the morning transfer by car to Khandyga. Lunch on the road. Dinner and accomodation at the hostel in Khandyga.

9 DAY After breakfast transfer for the Yakutsk. Lunch on the road at the cafe. Arrival to Yakutsk in the evening. Dinner. Overnight in hotel Polar Star.

10 DAY
Transfer for the airport. Departure from Yakutsk.

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