Expedition to the Pole of Cold , Oymyakon

“Pole of Cold” Expedition. Oymyakon

There are people with a spirit of adventure and taste for discovery who always dream of challenging the North Pole, the South Pole, Everest, etc. These people
are true travelers but are there a lot of people who visit the Pole of Cold, the place with a record negative temperature?
What does the place with such a cosmic temperature look like? How do people and animals survive? What happens with equipment and machinery? To understand this one should visit the Pole of Cold. It is something to do at least once in a life-time.
The point of absolute cold of the Northern Hemisphere is situated in Oymyakon region, Yakutia. There, mid January temperature is –50,0°C. Sometime it drops down to -68°C. The lowest negative temperature of -71.2°C was recorded there in 1926.


Arrival to the airport of Yakutsk
Transfered to hotel TYGYN DARKHAN***. Breakfast at the hotel.
Sightseeing program in Yakutsk, including  guided tour to the  Treasury of Yakutia . Visit to the complex Ytyk-Khaya,national traditional ritual of blessing  Algys, visit to the complex Chochur-Muran where you can try out riding in the dog sleds (2 persons per sled). Visit to the Kingdom of Permafrost arranged in the glacier insides of the mountain located just next to Chochur-Muran. Lunch at the complex  restaurant (Yakut cuisine).  Return to the city . Shopping of the equipments. Dinner at the  restaurant(Local cuisine)Night at the hotel.2 DAYBreakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to Khandyga by  4WD minivan (appr.400 km, 8-10 hrs). We will cross the Central part of Yakutia and the Lena river and its right inflow the Aldan river.
Lunch at the cafe along the road.
Accommodation in small private  hotel at Khandyga (double occupancy). Dinner at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel  and transfer for the Oymyakon (appr 500 km ) along famous “Kolyma road” constructed by GULAG prisoners .
Magnificent landscapes, great mountains, fast rivers, and vast reindeer pastures etc.  At Vostochnaya meteostation – a lunch with lunch boxes.

Arrive in Oymyakon late in the evening. Accomodation in the family house.  Here you will have opportunity to experience the conditions locals live in (there is no drainage system in the houses, so all the inhabitants use outside WC facilities). Dinner and night in Oymyakon (in rooms for 2- 3 persons).


Breakfast at the family.
Excursion around the Oymyakon. Visit to the Mayor of Oymaykon,recieving  the certificates of visiting Pole of Cold.  Visit to the horsebreeders.  Acquaintance with their life, possibly horse riding.  Lunch in the family.  Under ice fishing in the Indigirka river.   Dinner at the family.   “Russian bath” – for those who want try real hot!  Overnight in the family house.

After a late breakfast at the family, have fun participating in the short but very entertaining programme – make diverse practical experiments on the effects of cold & frost.  Transfer to Tomtor village (appr.35 km) . Accomodation in the small private hotel (double occupancy). Lunch at the hotel.Visit to the  Winter houses of Chyskhan(the symbol of Cold) . Visit to the local museum with an exhibition and the history of the  GULAG
Folk consert “The northern lights” in local school.Dinner at the hotel. Overnight in hotel.6 DAY
Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to Yuchugey (about 110 km),settlement of compact living of reindeer breeders.
Get acquainted with their life, traditions and culture
Reindeer sledge riding
Lunch with the national food.
Transfer to Khandyga (about 300 km) . Arrival in Khandyga late in the evening.  Accomodation in the hotel.  Dinner in the hotel.

Breakfast in the hotel.  Transfer to the Yakutsk.
Lunch on the road at the cafe.
Arrival to Yakutsk, accommodation in hotel Tygyn Darkhan. Souvenir shopping.
Farewell  dinner at the restaurant.

8  DAY Transfer for the airport.Departure from Yakutsk



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