Kayur school

Type of tour: Dog sledding tour  on the Lena river

Region: Siberia, Yakutia

Duration of tour : 8 days/7 nights

Group size : 1-6 persons

Period activity :  15 February-15 April











Photo by A.Varlamov

Type of tour  : “The dog musher’s school”

Region: Siberia, Yakutia
Northern nature, indigenous culture of the North, dog sleds (1-2 person in a dog sled)

Group size: 2-4 people (up to 4 teams of dogs)
Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
Period of activity: 20.02. – 10 .04.2012,

Special Requirements and skills: physical and psychological readiness to cold temperatures, winter sport activities at low temperatures.


Day 1
Meeting at the airport of Yakutsk in the morning, transfer to the tourist complex “Chochur-Muran” where you will accommodate in a guest house “Ambarchik” (shower, toilet, 1 double room with 2 beds and 1 room for 4 people in sleeping bags), a very cozy wooden house near the dogs farm. A little rest after long flight, tea and coffee.
Walking to the tourist complex “Ytyk Khaya ‘(200m) where you will meet a national rite of “Algys” (a traditional Yakutian ritual of blessing and purification).

Lunch at a restaurant “Chochur-Muran.”
After lunch, you will be introduced to the Yakutian Laika, the history of the breed, training and maintenance. Practical training in mushing the dog-sled: The practice of commands and driving the dog sled on the frozen lake Ytyk-Kyuel next to the complex.
A visit to the complex “Kingdom of the permafrost,” a glacier in the mountain Chochur Muran (200 m). Meeting with The Lord of the Cold Chyshkaan.
Dinner in the restaurant “Chochur-Muran.”
Overnight in a guest house “Ambarchik”
Hotel accommodation in the city of Yakutsk, and transfers to / from Yakutsk are available for an additional charge.

Day 2
After breakfast, we load the dogs on to a car and drive to point Kangalassy (40 km), which is the start point of our expedition over the frozen river Lena (15 km) to the point Sottintsy where the open-air museum “DRUZHBA” located. Lunch along with hot tea (coffee) during the transition. Visit to the museum.

Return from Sottintsv by car to the complex Chochur Muran.
Dinner in a restaurant Chochur Muran.

Night at the “Ambarchik.”

Day 3
Breakfast in a complex “Chochur-Muran.”
Today we are going to the trip across snow-covered taiga.
The dog sleds will take you from “Chochur Muran” to the Hunter’s hut (33 km, 6-8 hours) with a short stop at the shaman tree. Snowmobile or a car will accompany you, so you’ll be able to spend a short rest in the case of fatigue or extreme temperatures. Lunch on the way
By the end of the evening arriving to a Hunter’s hut.
Dinner and overnight at the hut. Hunter hut, small hut with a heating stove, accommodation with sleeping bags.

Day 4
After breakfast we are taking route back to the “Chochur-Muran” by dog-sled. Lunch along on the road. Arrival to “Chochur Muran” in the evening. Rest.
Dinner in the restaurant “Chochur-Muran”. Night at the “Ambarchik”

Day 5
After breakfast depart by car to the city of Yakutsk for a day excursion. During the tour you will visit the museum of History and culture of Yakutia, the exhibition “Treasury of Yakutia.”
Return to Chochur-Muran  for a lunch.
After lunch be prepared to take part in a dog sled racing on the Ytyk Kyuel lake in the following kinds:
– Skijoring
– Weight pulling
After race a farewell dinner in the restaurant “Chochur-Muran” and receiving “The Certificate of a dog musher.” Night at the “Ambarchik”

Day 6
After breakfast say good bye and transfer to airport for departure from Yakutsk.

Tour operator reserves the right to change the itinerary due to weather conditions (temperature, wind, etc.)

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